Duftlys - Love is Green, flere duftvalg

Hærlige økologiske duftlys, laget av kun eteriske naturoljer, naturlige planteekstrakter. Dokumentert naturvernprodukt! Den nydelige duften virker som balsam for sjelen, og i smeltet tilstand kan lysene også benyttes som den beste velgjørende hudkrem,

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The Old Wharf, Frome Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1LE Tel:01225 868788 Fax:868789 www.heavenscent.co.uk
e-mail;contact@heavenscent.co.uk VAT 713454649 Co. Reg.03446982 Reg. office BA14 8EA
Since 1993 the aim for us has always been to produce ethical Natural Wax high quality
environmentally friendly candles with ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to your
environment. Free of Petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax, clean burning, additive free,
not tested on animals.
We have achieved this for the past twenty years and enjoyed appreciation from a vast array of trade
and public customers, whether environmentally aware or just keen candle users that really like the
characteristics of clean burning plant wax and essential oils. People have become more conscious of
the possible drawbacks of petroleum wax and benefits of Natural wax.
We have supplied, both in our brand or others, a vast range of outlets in the UK and abroad including
Whole Food Shops, Book Shops, Gift Shops, Visitor Centre’s, Retreats, Hotels, Multiples, Spa’s,
Charitable Organisations, Holistic Practitioners etc.
Palm, Soya & Rapeseed oil are all fantastic products, used world-wide mainly in food, cosmetics and
more so recently as Bio-fuel, a petroleum alternative. For the relatively small amount we use in
relationship to those industries we take care to buy from ethical material sources both in the UK and
at our factory in Malaysia. We can run palm, soya & rapeseed wax blends in our filled or pillar candles.
The palm oil for our factory in the Penang region is from West Malaysia only. A Member of RSPO,
traceable from our factory to plantations, local mills and refineries close by. Officials assure us that
the crops they process are not derived from deforested area. Rubber and Coconut commercial
plantations however have been replanted over the past 30 years, replaced with palm.
Our UK Material supplier is a participant/member on a board created by The United Nations
‘www.unglobalcompact.org’ in conjunction with WWF also a founder member of the ‘Roundtable on
Sustainable Palm Oil’ (www.rspo.org), both to promote best practice and ethics in sourcing and
production of palm oil. This web site is a portal of information with a useful search engine. Try ‘The Ten
Principles’, this is a sustainable frame work which all partners work to for good ethics in both labour
and environment. Most waxes are food grade and Halal Certified.
In summation, we are against any cruelty and non-ethical palm production and I am confident our
sources are ethical and sus tainable.
We have always taken steps to avoid and assure ourselves that we do not add to the worlds problems
but try and reduce them, therefore to give a guilt free product.

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